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Super Gotenks vs Buu

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ZK Terrariums - Handmade Super Gotenks vs Buu in Large Glass Dome Diorama / Terrarium.

This action packed diorama in Glass Dome is a must have for the true die-hard fans and collectors!

This diorama is from the "ONLY ONE" collection, which means this is the only one that's been created.

Creating Process:

3D printed miniature.

Miniatures are hand painted.

Mixed mediums of preserved moss & artificial moss, sand etc.

*these are individually handmade so each one will be slightly different to the photo.


Wooden base: 10.2cm (4 inches) width

Glass Dome with base: 9.5cm (3.7inches) Height.

*No maintenance needed.

*Do NOT water.

*Keep away from sunlight.