The Man Behind ZK Terrariums

KATEI is the artist behind ZK Terrariums, creating one-of-a-kind pop culture themed miniature dioramas in glass domes.

Prior to the pandemic, KATEI was a full-time Guest Entertainer on international cruise ships, performing his rock violin shows and jet setting around the world.  But in 2020 his life was put on hold and so he started a new business to survive these tough times.

As a proud pop culture geek and toy collector, KATEI wanted to create something unique that he would want to buy himself.  His terrariums and dioramas are created by using a 3D resin printer to make the miniatures, which are then primed and hand painted.  The addition of mixed mediums such as preserved moss or artificial moss, sand etc creates the background.

In Japanese there's a word that is pronounced "Zekkei" (絶景), it means "superb view" or "picturesque scenery".  KATEI took the sound of the word and simplified it to two letters, ZK, as this is what he aims to create inside every single glass dome.

ZK Terrarium's products target a wide range of customers, from the young to the young at heart.  There is always someone in any family that loves Star Wars or Japanese anime!


Go behind the scenes to see how KATEI create each diorama.